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What you'll be getting:

Grilled Chicken with Summer Veggies 

and Rice

Per Serving

6 oz chicken breast (marinated in garlic, lemon juice, white balsamic, salt and pepper, nutritional yeast, avocado oil)

110 g veggies (zucchini, kale, peppers, spring scallions tossed in seasoning sauce of garlic, lemon juice, white balsamic, salt and pepper, nutritional yeast, avocado oil)

1/4 c basmati rice 

Equipment needed: a pot of water for the rice, pan for veggies, grill (or pan) 



Preheat the grill. I like to give the grill 5-10 minutes to heat up fully. If you have a charcoal grill it may take a little longer, and cooking on the range will be much faster. 

Start boiling your water. You do not have to measure the water, as you will be cooking it the same way you would pasta. When the water has come to a boil, add your rice. 

After you have added the rice to the water, set a timer for 10 minutes. (12 minutes for 3 or more servings)

After you have added the rice and the grill is hot, place chicken on the grill. If you are using a pan to cook, dry off any excess liquid with a paper or cloth towel and heat up a little oil so the chicken doesn't stick. 

Cook for 5 minutes on each side. 

After the chicken has cooked for 10 minutes, shut off the grill and let it sit on the hot grill for an additional 5 minutes with the lid closed. In the last 5 minutes, you can start cooking your veggies. Heat up a pan and sautee veggies for 3-5 minutes. 

When the timer for the rice goes off, drain in a colander and put back in the pot. This will let any excess water get absorbed into the rice instead of leaving your plate watery. 

When the veggies are done, plate the rice and top with the veggies. The chicken will also be ready to remove from the grill and to slice. From start to finish (including grill heat up time) this dinner takes less than 20 minutes. Enjoy! 

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