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What you'll be getting:
Pork Chops with Quinoa and Spring Veggies
Per Serving:
5 oz pork loin chops
3/4 c cooked quinoa

100 g veggies (kale, spring onion, cabbage, asparagus, broccolini)
2 T seasoning sauce (lemon juice, fines herbes, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, olive oil)

Equipment needed: Pan large enough for all quinoa and veggies.

Heat your pan up. When hot begin searing your pork chops. Cook on high heat for 4 minutes, each side. These are not large chops and will cook quickly. You want to make sure the internal temperature is at least 145 degrees. Pork can be cooked less than chicken, which needs a temperature of 165 degrees. You don't want to overcook the pork, but at the same time, you want to make sure they do cook properly. There should be no need for oil as the chops have fat in them and will release from the pan when they are finished searing, but if your pan tends to stick you may want to use a little oil.

After you have finished cooking the chops for 4 minutes on each side, remove them from the pan and place on a cutting board, do not cut into them yet, you want to make sure they have time to rest. Add the veggies to the hot pan and begin cooking the veggies.

Cook the veggies until the asparagus is tender. Next, add the quinoa. You just need to warm up the quinoa, this won't take very long to do, less than 2 minutes.

After your quinoa is warm, remove the pan from the heat and thinly slice the pork chops. Plate up the quinoa and veggies and top with the chops. Finish by drizzling the sauce over top. From start to finish this dinner takes less than 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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