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What you'll be getting:

Bangers and Mash

Per Serving

6oz English Pork Sausage (1.5 links)

100 g carrots

100 g kale

250 g mashed potatoes 

1 T oil 

130 g gravy 

(pictured is a little bit of roux for the gravy, but it's thick enough without it, so I decided against it.) 

Equipment needed: 1 pan, and a lined sheet pan

For those who are not aware, I am half English. My father was born and raised in a small village in the county of Dorset. One of the staples growing up in my house when I was younger was Bangers and Mash. In the winter we would have it once a week, sometimes twice. He would serve it with peas, but always tell us that true Bangers and Mash did not need any vegetables. I have modified the dish slightly, but only to add some more vegetables to the dish. 

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. 

Drizzle the oil into a pan and bring to a medium high heat. 

Add sausage links to the pan. Oil does not have to be hot. 

When sausages begin to brown, roll over onto the other side. 

Do not slice the sausages. The name "banger" came from the sound that the sausage makes when it bursts, or "bangs". 

When the sausage is brown on both sides, transfer to the sheet pan and place in the oven. Set the timer for 20 minutes. 

Using the oil left in the pan, start cooking the carrots on medium heat. 

After about 10 minutes, on medium heat, your carrots will start to take on some color. When you notice they are beginning to get soft and caramelized, add the kale. 

Toss the kale with the carrots and turn the heat off of the veggies, but leave them in the pan until your timer has reached 5 minutes. 

When you have 5 minutes remaining on your timer, transfer the veggies to the sheet pan with the sausages. 

In the pan, that had the veggies, add your gravy and begin warming it up on medium heat. 

The mashed potatoes are fully cooked and just need to be warmed in the microwave, they can also be thrown in a casserole dish and placed in the oven if you don't have a microwave. 

When your timer goes off, check the temperature of the sausages, they should be at least 145 degrees. 

I did things a little differently today as far as plating. To "hide" the veggies, I placed them first on the plate, and then topped with potatoes. 

You don't have to slice up the sausages, I have just gotten in the habit of doing so for my daughter. 

Next I pile the "sausage castle" on top of the "mashed potato island", and then create a "moat" of gravy. 

Not as colorful as most of my dishes, but very tasty, and very English (even though I added vegetables).

From start to finish this meal took less than 25 minutes. Enjoy. 

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