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All meals are fully prepped and ready to be cooked at your house. Using the freshest organic ingredients our chefs peel, chop, and portion your meal into a healthy serving. We strive to make your dinner preparation as easy as possible. Most dinners can be finished within 20 minutes.


Meals are delivered Monday through Thursday.


-Monday meals consist of beef or pork as the protein.

-Tuesday meals are vegetarian.

-Wednesday meals consist of chicken or fish as the protein. 

-Thursday meals are vegan.


 Click here to subscribe. Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email welcoming you to The Corvallis Carrot. For your convenience, payments are automatically withdrawn monthly for your subscription. Meal subscriptions are for 4 weeks, there will be no meals delivered the 5th week of the month. Weeks without meals will be shown on the menu schedule. A one-time fee will be charged to cover the cost of the bags and tupperware.


What you'll be getting

On the day of delivery, your meal will be dropped off at your front porch. The bags will contain tupperware filled with the ingredients for each meal. They will be packed with an ice pack. Deliveries take place between 2-4 pm Monday-Thusday.


How to Prepare your meal

On the day of delivery you will receive a text or email, between 4-5pm with a link to the instructions. You can also visit the Meals page and click on the date for detailed instructions for each meal.


Returning tupperware

After you have made your meals, please wash the tupperware so that they are returned clean and dry. After the tupperware has been cleaned and is dry, please place back in the bag with the ice pack and place on your porch for pick-up. 

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