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Our Mission

In 2016, a friend pulled me into her kitchen to show me the waste that was produced from a popular food prep service. She wanted the convenience, without the waste. The other issue was not knowing the farms that had supplied the food.

How could we cut down on waste as well as produce a service that would benefit our own farming community? 

The Corvallis Carrot was created. By using reuseable tupperware, ice packs and insulated bags there is no waste. Cooking by the seasons lets us work with local organic farms to supply our produce.


The Corvallis Carrot is a small business and intends to stay that way. Staying small helps us stay sustainable. We have a responsibility to work locally to provide you with a healthy, organic meal.


This service is for people that really want to cook at home but simply don't have the time or knowledge to do so. By having everything prepared and ready to cook, meals that would normally take an hour or more to prepare, take less than 30 minutes.

Getting dinner prepared can be stressful. Days somehow pass by quicker than scientifically possible, and before you know it, it's dinner time. Scrambling to gather up food for your family before bedtime can be burdensome. Chopping and measuring can be very daunting for some, for others it's the trip to the grocery store. Our hope is to ease your cooking worries, if only for one night a week, and to let you experience the Willamette Valley's food bounty as we do. 


COVID-19 overwhelmed public health systems and jolted economies around the world. After decades of progress in the battle against poverty and hunger, the job losses, supply chain disruptions, and other economic dislocations caused by the pandemic pushed millions of people from food security into food insecurity—and toward outright starvation. Clean water and food are basic human rights and it breaks my heart knowing that people go to sleep hungry every night, even in our own community. I believe that as a community we can help those in need. 5% of all profits will be used to help our community and will be donated to COI or the South Town Food Bank. Furthermore, an additional 5% will be dontated to  World Central Kitchen to help others around the world. 

Thank you for your interest in The Corvallis Carrot. 


                                                            -Rachel Terry

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