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What you'll be getting:

What you'll be getting:

Beef Pad Kee Mao

Per Serving

125 g steak (marinating in sauce listed below)

125 g veggies (cabbage, peppers, broccoli) 

60 g sauce (liquid aminos, oil, ginger, garlic, tamarind paste, red curry paste) 


50 g rice noodles

Equipment needed: a wok or large pan, pot of water

This is a very mild dinner, I did not use hot chilies in the preparation. 

Start boiling a pot of water. When the water reaches a full boil, add the rice noodles. Cook for 7-8 minutes, for the larger servings it may take 10-12 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them. 

Start heating up your wok/pan. When hot add the steak. 

Add veggies. 

Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Cook until the cabbage looks translucent. 

Add the basil.

Add the sauce. 

Simmer for 1 minute and then remove from the heat. 

Add 1/4 c of water to the mixture once you have transferred noodles. 

When the noodles are nicely coated and the sauce is a good consistency you can plate. From start to finish this dinner takes 15 minutes. Enjoy. 

When the noodles are finished, add them to the beef/veggie mixture using tongs. You can strain if you don't have tongs, but leave some of the cooking liquid to add to the sauce. Approximately 1/4 c.

Simmer until the noodles absorb most of the liquid, about 1-2 minutes. 

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