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Beef Stir Fry

Right after you have put your water on to boil, put a pan (big enough to stir everything together, if you have a wok, use that) on the stove and begin heating the oil. By the time your water has boiled, your oil will be hot enough to add your veggies. You want to cook on high heat.

When you add your rice, set the timer for 13 minutes.

Per Serving

5 oz marinated beef sirloin strips 

1/4 c jasmine rice

150 g vegetables (bean sprouts, red pepper, carrots, kale, onion)

1 T grape seed oil 

2 T finishing sauce 

(toasted sesame oil, liquid aminos, ginger, garlic, pepper, plum syrup)

Equipment needed: pot for rice, pan for stir-fry, colander

Put about 4 c. of water in a pot and begin to boil. 

I like to cook this rice like I would pasta. After draining, it removes a lot of the extra starch from the rice and you don't have to worry about it becoming sticky. When the water beings to start boiling add your rice.

Sorry for the horrible image, but this is the rice added, after the water began to boil. You may have to stir once to get rice off of the bottom of the pot. 

After you set the timer add your veggies to the pan. Be careful, the oil will be hot and your veggies may have a little moisture in them, so they will splatter. Give them a quick stir with wooden spoon or heat resistant rubber spatula. 

When the timer reaches 10 minutes, add your meat. I like to push the veggies to the sides of the pan and put meat in the middle until it begins to cook, then stir everything together. 

When your timer has reached 3 minutes the stir-fry will appear much drier and the meat will be fully cooked. Remove from heat.

When the timer goes off, drain the rice, using a colander. 

Drizzle the finishing sauce on top of the veggies and beef. 

Place rice in a bowl, and top with the veggies and beef. The rice will absorb any extra sauce. 

From start to finish this meal took 15 minutes. Enjoy. 

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