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What you'll be getting:

Black Bean and Kale Tacos


Per Serving

1/2 c cooked black beans

100 g veggies (red onion, kale, drizzled with a little oil)

40 g hummus (lemon juice, garlic, safflower seed oil, tahini, garbanzo beans, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast)

1/2 small avocado

30 g tomatoes

2 tortillas

Equipment needed: 1 pan large enough for beans and veggies

Start heating up your pan on a medium to high heat, when hot, add veggies. Set a timer for 5 minutes. 


While you are waiting for the beans to warm, place the hummus on the tortillas. I prefer warm tortilllas, but it is not necessary to warm them.


Saute for 3 minutes and then add beans and liquid. You will not strain the beans for this particular dish. Cook until the liquid as evaporated, this will take only a few minutes.


Slice up the avocado and when the bean mixture has lost most of its liquid, spoon it onto the tortillas and finish with the avocados and tomatoes. From start to finish this dish takes less than 10 minutes. Enjoy! 

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