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Blueberry Rhubarb Crumble



1 pint of blueberries

4 stalks of rhubarb

3 T honey (agave nectar to make vegan)

1 orange

2 T flour



1 c flour

1/2 c almond flour

1/2 c oats

1/4 t salt

2 T sugar

1/4 lb butter (coconut oil to make vegan)

1/4 t cinnamon


yield: 4-6 servings


Strawberry rhubarb is a classic flavor combination. The problem I have with it is timing. When my strawberries are ready to harvest my rhubarb is still young and doesn't have many stalks. By the time the rhubarb is ready to harvest my strawberries are past their prime. Thankfully my blueberries ripen just as my rhubarb is ready to be picked, so the flavor combination that I prefer is blueberry/rhubarb. The tart rhubarb and sweet blueberries blend so wonderfully. Blueberry/rhubarb also makes a great jam. I made crumble instead of pie because having to wait for the pie to cool is just a bit torturous. I've already waited this long for my rhubarb! If you do want to make pie though, here's a pie dough recipe.

Rinse off stalks of rhubarb and cut off, and discard, leaves. The leaves are poisonous so you don't want anyone confusing them with edible greens.

Cut the stalks lengthwise and dice. You want to have pieces roughly the same size are the blueberries.

Aren't these berries gorgeous? So tasty too. Give your berries a rinse (if you're in Oregon and don't have your own blueberry bushes check out Wilt Farms on 99. Organic and so delcious!) and toss together with the rhubarb.

My neighbor is a bee keeper and gave me this lovely pint of fresh honey. There's no denying that fresh local honey is the best.

Drizzle 3 T of honey over the berries and rhubarb. You can do more if you want it a bit sweeter, but the blueberries were so sweet to begin with I didn't need to add much more sugar.

Zest the orange right over the mixture. Then cut the orange in half and juice it. Add the juice to the berries and rhubarb.

Let the fruit macerate while you prepare the crumble topping. Put all of the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix together. Then grate butter on top of mixture. (Another way would to add all ingredients to a food processor, and using the blade attachment chop until mixture comes together.)

Mix the butter into the dry mixture. This is a great time to get help from your children if you have them. My daughter always wants to help in the kitchen and this is something that she loves to do. She uses her fingers and just rubs everything together until the pieces start to stick together. You'll know the topping is ready when you can squeeze it in your hand and it will hold it's shape and it will crumble when you rub it slightly.

Add the flour to the fruit mixture and toss together. The flour will act as a thickener as the crumble cooks.

Put the fruit in a baking dish. This is a small pyrex dish, if you have a bigger dish the fruit layer will just be thinner.

Add the crumble topping. Here you can see the juice with flour, the fruit, and the topping. Cook at 365 for 30-35 minutes. You'll know when the crumble is ready because it will start to bubble up the side of the dish.

After 35 minutes. Now comes the hardest part, waiting at least 20 minutes before cutting a piece. This will give the juice enough time to soak more into the topping and for the flour in the fruit mix to firm up a bit. You can scoop it out right from the oven, but it's going to be runnier, and be careful because it will be very hot.

Great on it's own or with ice cream. Enjoy!

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