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1 lb chanterelles

4 oz kale

4 oz onion

3 T grapeseed oil

3 oz chevre

2 garlic cloves

1/2 sprig of thyme

1 sage leaf

1T cream

1 t water

1 T flour

1 egg

salt and pepper

Pie dough (click for recipe)


yield: 8 galettes


Preheat oven to 375.

A friend of mine found these amazing chanterelles while mushroom hunting last week. Right now is a great time to be out in the woods looking for these delicious mushrooms. If not they'll run you close to $10 a lb, still worth it if you ask me, but it's nicer to get them for free.

I love mushrooms, but chanterelles and hen of the woods are my favorite. I really like morels too, oooh and shiitakes... okay, I just love mushrooms. I'll leave it at that.

To clean mushrooms you never want to rinse them in water. It really takes away a lot of the flavor. What you need to do is just brush off as much of the dirt as possible with a damp cloth.

Add 1/2 of your oil to a pan, medium-high heat. Add your mushrooms and let them render. Don't overcrowd the pan. I like to leave the mushrooms alone for a while. You may get the urge to stir or sauté them, fight it. Don't move the mushrooms until they've stopped steaming. You won't get a good sear on the mushrooms as long as water is being extracted from them. A good sear makes for a really tasty mushroom.

Mushrooms are about 90% water. So they are going to shrink as you cook them. I like to keep the pieces I cut pretty chunky.

Add a little bit of salt and pepper to your mushrooms before flipping them (when I say flip I mean sautéing in the pan).

The less you stir or sauté your mushrooms the tastier they'll be.

After your mushrooms are nice and caramelized transfer them to a bowl and add the rest of your oil to the pan. Add onions when the pan is hot. 

Cut up your kale while you're waiting for your onions to caramelize.

Add your kale to your onions when they start to get a little color and sauté until your kale begins to wilt.

After the kale is cooked add the mushrooms.

You want to cook your mushrooms separately because the onions and kale are going to release a lot of liquid too.

Add your fresh herbs.  Taste your mixture and add salt and pepper if needed. Mushrooms and salt go together like a wink and a smile, but don't over do it.

Put your mixture into a bowl. Mix together the cream, water and 1/2 the egg and add to the mushroom-kale mixture.


(I normally scramble the egg separately and put 1/2 in the cream and leave 1/2 for the egg wash)


Once it's mixed sprinkle in flour. The flour and egg is going to bind the mixture together and keep it from drying out.

Add 1/2 the chevre. The other half gets put on towards the end of baking.

Mix everything together.

Roll out your pie dough and cut out 8 circles. You can patch dough pieces together to get full cricles.

Evenly distribute the filling onto the dough circles.

Fold sides up into a hexagon.

Flip through this slideshow to see how you fold a galette.

I only baked off 6 galettes. I froze the other 2 for a later date. They will freeze very well, freeze on the sheet pan and when they are frozen transfer to an air tight container, or freezer bag.

Bake for 20 minutes at 375. Pull out of the oven and add the remaining chevre on top. Return to the oven for another 10 mintues.


I add the chevre later in the baking stage so it won't dry out.

Enjoy hot or at room temperature.

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