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What you'll be getting:

Cod with Seasonal Veggies and Quinoa


Per Serving

5 oz cod

125 g veggies (savoy cabbage, eggplant, golden beans, zucchini, tossed in a little oil, salt, and pepper)

1/3 c quinoa

2 lemon slices

2 T lemon seasoning sauce (lemon juice, lemon zest, fines herbes, avocado oil, nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper)

Equipment needed: 1 pan large enough for fish and veggies, 1 pot of water for quinoa with a tight fitting lid

First, measure out 2/3 c of water per serving of quinoa. Add it to a pot, bring it to a boil and add the quinoa. Let the quinoa boil until most of the liquid has absorbed. about 10-15 minutes. Smaller batches will take less time than larger batches. 


After your quinoa has been cooking for 5 minutes, start heating up your pan for the veggies and fish. Once hot, add the veggies. Cook for 5 minutes on high heat. Cover them with a lid. 


After the veggies have cooked for about 5 minutes, add the fish and lemon slices to the pan. Cover everything back up and remove from the heat. Cod cooks very quickly and there will be enough residual heat in the pan to finish cooking it. 


When the timer for the quinoa goes off, check to see if the liquid has been absorbed, if so, cover with a  lid and remove from the heat. Let it steam for 5 minutes to finish cooking. 


When your final timer for the quinoa finishes, it is ready to be served. Plate up the quinoa and top with veggies and fish. To finish the dish, pour the seasoning sauce over everything. From start to finish this dish takes less than 20 minutes. Enjoy.

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