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What you'll be getting:
Creamy Vegan Pasta with Veggies



Per Serving:

1 c cooked pasta

200 g veggies (cabbage, chard, broccolini, zucchini, oil, salt and pepper)

1/2 c cream sauce (braised cabbage, chickpeas, nutritional yeast, citric acid, salt, pepper, safflower oil, xanthan gum)

Equipment needed: 1 pot large enough for all ingredients

Start heating up your pot/pan. When hot, add the veggies. Cook for 2-8 minutes (depending on how many servings you have) You want to have some color on the zucchini and for the cabbage to be soft.


Right before plating up, drizzle the cream sauce over top of the pasta and toss everything together. You don't want to cook the dish once the sauce has been added as the sauce will break due to the evaporation of the water in the sauce. You don't want the sauce to break. Instead of a velvety emulsion, where the droplets of fat are suspended in liquid, a broken sauce has separated back out into liquid and fat. The sauce will then taste greasy instead of creamy.


When your veggies are tender, add the pasta. Cook everything together until the pasta has warmed through, then remove the pot from the heat.


From start to finish this dinner takes roughly 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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