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What you'll be getting:

Fresh Gnocchi with White Beans and Chard

Per Serving

150 g fresh gnocchi

1 c tomato sauce

(tomatoes, onions, carrots, Italian seasoning, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast)

200 g cannellini beans

50 g Italian kale and swiss chard

1 t avocado oil 

shaved parmesan reggiano 

Equipment needed: Non-stick pan

 Heat up your oil in a pan that will be large enough for your whole meal. 

When your oil is hot, add the gnocchi. It has been pre-cooked, so you are just warming it up and trying to get it a little brown.

After about a minute, add the beans and stir around. 

After another minute or so, toss in the greens. 

When the greens begin to wilt, add the tomato sauce. 

Stir around for a couple of minutes to make sure everything comes off of the bottom of the pan, and that everything is heated through. And that's it. Finish off with the cheese and enjoy. I like the shaved parm for this dish again for the texture. I like getting little salty bits every once and a while throughout the dish. From start to finish this dish takes about 5 minutes. Enjoy. 

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