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What you'll be getting:

Greek Salad

Per Serving

1/2 c cannellini and pinto beans

1/2 c quinoa (cooked)

200 g cucumbers, tomatoes and onions

75 g red leaf lettuce

10 g feta

3 kalamata olives (cut) 

3 T salad dressing (lemon juice, avocado oil, parsley, capers, olive juice, salt, pepper, garlic, whole grain mustard, nutritional yeast) 

Equipment needed: a mixing bowl



Add half of the dressing to the quinoa and beans, let it sit for a minute or 2 so the dressing can get absorbed into the quinoa.

Then, add the cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. 

Toss the lettuce with the rest of the dressing. 

Plate the lettuce and then top with the veggie/quinoa mixture. 

Finish the salad with the feta and olives. From start to finish this dinner takes less than 5 minutes. Enjoy! 

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