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What you'll be getting:

Wild Mushroom Pot Pie

Per Serving

3/4 c mushroom gravy (chanterelle, hedgehog, crimini mushrooms with mushroom broth, sage, thyme, rosemary, avocado oil, flour, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast) 

160 g veggies (carrots, acorn squash, green beans, onions, kale) 

150 g pie crust (flour, butter, water- for vegan options coconut oil was used) 

Equipment needed: large pot, casserole dish


Preheat oven to 375. 

Start heating up the veggies in a pan on high heat for 5 minutes. 

While the veggies are cooking, lay out the crust on your counter to start warming up. You can piece it together however it will fit best in your casserole dish. If you have a small serving (and an oven-safe pan), you can place the pie crust directly in the pan and bake it that way, no need to transfer to a casserole dish. 

After 5 minutes, add the gravy. 

Stir everything together. 

Place in the casserole dish. 

Carefully pick up the pie dough and place it on top. If it cracks don't worry about it, it will still taste great. 

I crimped the edges, but it is not necessary. 

Place in the oven and set a timer for 30 minutes.

If you like a shiny glaze on the crust you can brush with an egg wash before putting it in the oven, but it is not necessary. When the timer goes off, the pot pie will be ready. From start to finish this dinner takes just over 30 minutes. Enjoy! 

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