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What you'll be getting:
Pinto Beans and Quinoa with Roasted Veggies
Per Serving:
1/2 cooked pinto beans
3/4 c cooked quinoa (white and red)
125 g veggies (broccoli, white acorn squash, delicata squash, cauliflower, kale, cabbage- tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, and fines herbes)

1/4 c creamy mustard seasoning (lemon juice, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, mustard, chickpeas, tahini, oil, fines herbes)

Equipment needed: 1-2 sheet pans

Preheat your oven to 425.


When your oven reaches 425, place your veggies on a sheet pan, for 3-4 servings you will want to use 2 sheet pans so you don't crowd your veggies. Set a timer for 15 minutes. (1 serving may only take 10 minutes, so keep an eye on the veggies)

After 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet pan(s) and add the quinoa and beans.

Add 1/2 of the sauce to the veggies, quinoa and beans and mix them together. Return the sheet pan(s) to the oven and lower the temperature to 400 degrees. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes your dinner will be ready to be plated. Finish the dish by drizzling the remaining sauce over top of everything. From start to finish this dinner takes roughly 20 minutes. Enjoy!

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