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What you'll be getting:

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Per Serving

150 g pre-cooked pulled pork tenderloin braised in homemade bbq sauce

80 g purple coleslaw (homemade mayonnaise, red cabbage, carrots, mustard powder, honey, salt and pepper)

80 g side salad (greens, peppers, carrots) 

2 T salad dressing (garbanzo beans, tahini, water, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, avocado oil, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper) 

Equipment needed: pot to warm pork (optional), sheet pan to toast buns (optional) 


To heat up the pork you can pop it in the microwave, or reheat on the stove in a small pot. The pork is pretty juicy. To insure your bun doesn't get too soggy, you can first toast it in the oven on a sheet pan, or strain the pork of any excess liquid. 

Strain the coleslaw for the same reason, you don't want your sandwich to be soggy. You can always leave the coleslaw on the side as well, it's up to you if you would like it on your sandwich or not. My daughter loves this coleslaw because it's so colorful. 

Add as little or as much salad dressing to your salad, you can keep it in the container for this step to avoid having to clean a salad bowl. Put lid back on the container and give it a quick flip to coat the lettuce. After the salad is coated you can place it on the plate next to the sandwich. 

This dinner takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Enjoy. 

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