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Quinoa with Eggs over-easy


1 egg

1/4 c quinoa

1 handful kale

splash of soy sauce

pinch of salt

pot of water (around 4 c.)

The Corvallis Carrot

This is a great dish because it's so quick. By the time my coffee is finished, so is my breakfast. Just about 15 minutes, that's all you need. First start by boiling your water. Spinkle a little salt into the water and add the quinoa when it comes to a boil. Set your timer for 15 minutes.

When your timer has 5 minutes left you can start your egg. Lightly butter your pan and turn the heat up to high. Add your egg.

Roughly chop your kale and put it in a bowl.

Cover the pan and turn the heat off. The egg will continue to cook.

When your timer goes off, drain your quinoa.

The quinoa will be tender, and a little chewy.

Pile the quinoa on top of the kale and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. I like to finish it with a little soy sauce so I don't add too much salt at this point, just a little.

Give the kale and quinoa a quick toss. The hot quinoa will start to wilt the kale.

If you egg has not cooked the whites completely, flip it over in the pan. You don't want to over cook the egg though, keeping the yolk runny is essential.

The egg yolk acts as a sauce. That's why you want to keep it runny. The better fed your chickens are the better tasting your egg will be. Local eggs are always better. Try to find a farm (or backyard) near you to get your eggs. The deeper yellow your yolk is, the better your egg will taste. To finish it off I just give it a splash of soy sauce.

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