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What you'll be getting:

Red Lentil Curry

Per Serving

1/4 c red lentils (rinsed) 

125 g veggies (carrots, eggplant, onions- tossed with avocado oil and salt and pepper) 

1/4 c basmati rice

1 c curry simmering sauce (onions, sweet potatoes, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, cardamom, coconut cream, coconut milk, chilies, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, curry leaves)

2 T hot sauce (not pictured- homemade hot sauce, chilies, onions, vinegar, garlic, tomatoes, salt)


Equipment needed:  pot for curry (w/ a lid), pot of water for rice. 


Start heating up your pan/pot on high heat. when it is hot, add your veggies. 

Sautee for 2 minutes. 

After 2 minutes, add the lentils. 

Mix the ingredients together and stir for 1 minute.

Add the curry simmering sauce. 

Stir everything together, lower to a medium heat, and then cover. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Smaller serving sizes may only take 20 minutes. 

After you have added the rice to the water, set a timer for 10 minutes. (12 minutes for 3 or more servings)

Start boiling your water. You do not have to measure the water, as you will be cooking it the same way you would pasta. When the water has come to a boil, add your rice. 

When the timer for the rice goes off, strain it. Return it back to the pot and cover until the curry is finished. 

When the curry timer has finished, plate up the rice. I like to use a bowl for curries, but a plate is also fine. 

This curry is a mild curry. If you would like to spice it up a bit I have added some hot sauce. Add however much you like.  

From start to finish this dinner takes just over 25 minutes. Enjoy.

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