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What you'll be getting:

Shredded Chicken Tacos

160 g shredded chicken  (cooked in tomatoes, chili powder, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and cayenne. This is a mild mixture) 

80 g onions and peppers

10 g shredded cheese 

2 T sour cream 

2 flour tortillas

40 g lettuce

hot sauce (serrano, red jalapenos, anaheim peppers, onions, lime juice, garlic, white vinegar, salt) 


Per Serving

Equipment needed: non-stick saute pan

Warm up a pan on high heat. When it is hot, add the onions and peppers. My daughter won't normally touch cooked peppers or onions (raw or cooked), but when I cook these tacos she doesn't mind them. You can always opt out of mixing the onions and peppers with the chicken if you think that your child will not eat them.

Add onions and peppers to the warm pan, cook on medium heat for 3 minutes. 

I like to cook the onions and peppers dry (without oil) because they get a slight char on them that adds a nice flavor to the taco. 

When the timer goes off, add the chicken. 

Add the hot sauce if you would like a bit more heat to the tacos, or you can add the hot sauce at the end. This is a mild sauce as far as hot sauces go. 

Next, add some lettuce. 

Cook the chicken until it is warm, about 2-3 minutes. While you are waiting for the chicken to warm you can warm up the tortillas in a microwave (30 sec-1min) or you can leave them at room temperature. Warming them makes them a little bit more flexible. When your chicken is warm you can begin assembling the tacos. I like to first add the sour cream to the tortilla. 

Finally, top off with the chicken/pepper mixture and a little cheese and you're finished. From start to finish, this dinner takes less than 10 minutes. Enjoy. 

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