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What you'll be getting:

Carmelized Pork Summer Rolls 


Per Serving

125 g slow cooked pork (glazed with soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar) 

100 g cabbage and carrots

4 rice wraps 

1/4 c dipping sauce*

* Due to allergies I have not made a peanut dipping sauce. If you are a fan of peanut sauce you can melt some peanut butter and add the dipping sauce to it until you have your desired consistency. 

I like to work near my sink when I roll spring/summer rolls, I have tried soaking the wraps in a bowl of water before and they always just got a bit too wet for me to work with. I like to gently run the wrap under warm water and then place on a work service (counter or cutting board). Make sure you have the other ingredients out in front of you while you work. The wrap will soften as you prepare the rolls. You might also want to warm your pork a little, to help melt the fat. 


Place cabbage and carrots and pork on the wrap. 


Fold sides on top of filling. 


Roll to finish. Repeat until all of your rolls are complete. 


Lift the bottom up and fold over the filling. 


From start to finish this dinner takes less than 20 minutes. Enjoy! 

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