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What you'll be getting:

Baked Tarragon Chicken with Roasted Romanesco and Orange Cauliflower

Per Serving

1 6oz chicken breast

150 g potatoes (parboiled and tossed in oil and nutritional yeast) 

150 g romanesco and cauliflower (tossed in seasoning juice) 

1/4 c seasoning juice (white wine*, lemon juice, fresh tarragon, herbs de Provence, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, avocado oil, nutritional yeast) 

Equipment needed: 1 lined sheet pan.  

*The alcohol from the white wine will cook out of the liquid. There may be a small trace of alcohol (>.05%) left if you choose to deglaze the pan after roasting with the sauce. 

Preheat oven to 415. 

Lay out all of your ingredients on the sheet pan. Do not crowd the ingredients too much. If you have 4 servings, you may need another sheet pan for the potatoes.

Drizzle half of the seasoning juice over the chicken. 

Place the sheet pan in the oven once it reaches 415 degrees. Set a timer for 15 minutes. 

After 15 minutes, the chicken will be cooked. Remove from the oven and place on a cutting board to let it rest. 

Set another timer for 5 minutes to finish cooking the potatoes and veggies. 

Let the chicken rest for a couple of minutes before slicing into it. You can slice it while you are waiting for the potatoes and veggies to finish. 

After the timer goes off you can pull the potatoes and veggies from the oven and plate them. When you have everything off of the sheet pan there is going to be concentrated seasoning juice, you may just drizzle that over top of the plate, or you can add the remaining seasoning juice to deglaze the pan. If deglazing, be sure to get all the caramelized bits, they are delicious! Once you mix the sauce up with your spatula for a bit, drizzle it over each plate of food. 

From start to finish this dish took 20 minutes. Enjoy! 

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