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What you'll be getting:

Vegetarian Chili 

Put the oil in your pot and bring the temperature up to medium heat. Add peppers and onions. Stir for4 minutes. 

Per Serving

150 g mushroom, carrot and squash mixture (cooked down with homemade salsa verde)

1 c three bean mixture (tomatoes, seasonings, pinto, black and kidney beans) 

100 g peppers and onions

1 T grape seed oil 

3 T homemade hot sauce 

3 homemade crackers

Equipment needed: Pot with a lid. 

Add mushroom mixture to the peppers and onions.

Lower the temperature (I cooked on #2) and add the bean mixture. 

Stir mixture to incorporate all the ingredients and place lid on the pot. Set timer for 12 minutes. 

From start to finish this meal takes about 15 minutes. This meal is packed full of veggies and protein and has very little fat. I added the hot sauce because sometimes kids don't like their dinners as spicy as adults. You can use as little or as much hot sauce as you'd like to bump up the heat in the dish. Enjoy! 

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