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Zucchini Bread


2 large zucchinis (1 lb 8 oz)

4 medium carrots (8 oz)

1+1/3 c sugar

2 T cinnamon

2 T vanilla

6 eggs

1 c grapeseed oil

1 c apple sauce (unsweetened)

6 c flour 

1 c almond flour

2 t baking soda 

2 t baking powder

2 t salt







yeild: 4 loaves

I doubled my normal recipe because I've ad so much squash coming out of my garden lately. Feel free to use any type of squash for this bread, it doesn't have to be zucchini. This bread freezes great, so I can make huge batches throughout the summer and enjoy them well throughout the fall and winter. I altered a recipe that I found online. Sometimes zucchini bread can be loaded with fat and sugar. This is great because it's lower in fat (I substituted 1 cup of oil for unsweetened apple sauce), added carrots and cut the sugar from 5 cups to 1 and a 1/3 c. The carrots and applesauce add extra sweetness and moisture to the bread. Best of all, my family loves it!

Gather together all of your ingredients. I start by shredding the carrots and zucchini in my food processor. You'll get about 2 cups.

Put the zucchini and carrots into a large bowl. Top with sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Make sure the bowl is large enough to fit all of the ingredients. This is a one bowl recipe (my favorite kind!). 

Using your hand blender, blend all of the wet ingredients. You can also mix directly into the zucchini, but using the blender really breaks up the yolks and whites nicely.

Add the wets to the zucchini and carrots.

Add the almond flour next. Mix it in until it's fully incorporated. Then add the rest of the dry ingredients.

You can sift the dries together, but it's not necessary for this recipe. I normally only sift the baking soda because sometimes there can be bigger lumps of it.

Using a fork, mix everything together. Mix until all of the dry ingredients have been incorporated.

Add batter to large (greased) casserole dish. You can also scoop out and make into muffins. 

Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Then lower the temperature and bake for an additional 15-20 minutes. Stick a skewer into the bread, if it comes out clean (without wet batter on it) it's ready to come out.

Let the bread sit in the dish for about 5 minutes before transferring it to a cooling rack. I normally just flip the bread out onto a cutting board, put the rack on the bottom of the bread (while it's upside down), then flip right-side up.

Wait at least 15 minutes before cutting into the bread. It's hard to wait that long because this bread smells so good.

Since this makes such a large amount I normally cut the bread into 4 loaves, keep 2 out and freeze the other 2. To freeze, wait until completely cool, then wrap in aluminum foil and store in a freezer bag. You can serve warm or at room temperature, for breakfast or just a snack. Enjoy!

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